Cirrus Pilot Log Book

Full featured electronic log book for the modern private or professional pilot.

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Demonstration Video

The Cirrus Advantage

Advanced User Interface

  • Auto-Completion
    - previous crew, airports and aircraft
  • Auto-Calculation
    - day / night time
    - day / night take-offs and landings
    - PIC/SIC time
    - insures accurate records
  • Tabbed Edit Screens
    - easy access to record edit fields

Record Accuracy

  • Time Validation
    - time entries checked on entry
    - detected errors are immediately highlighted
  • Record Validation
    - critical record data checks completed when the record is saved
  • Validation Popup
    - missing or incomplete data is displayed in an informative popup

Advanced Display

  • Flight Record List
    - displays a filtered list of flights
  • Flight Record Review
    - displays individual record details
  • Total Time Summary
    - displays total accumulated times
  • Previous Time Entry
    - insures accurate total accumulated times

* Above features available in the free app

Available Extended Features

Log Data Backup

  • Cloud Backup
    - automatic cloud backup using Google's® Android Backup Service
  • Local Backup
    - to device memory
  • Email Backup File
    - easily create an email with an encrypted backup file attached
  • Bluetooth
    - transfer app data between devices

PDF Log Book

  • Customizable Templates
    - landscape and 2 page portrait
    - personalize your log book with selectable columns
    - selectable remarks
  • Index Page
    - with links to individual log sheets
  • Collated
    - easy printing

Pilot Currency Monitor

  • Programable
    - keep track of multiple events
    - select re-currency intervals
    - data from flight records automatically incorporated
    - currency summary shows overview of upcoming requirements
  • Flight/Duty Projection Tool
    - determine remaining flight or duty time remaining in selectable rolling periods

See the Gallery of screen shots.