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Legacy User Upgrade Information.

CircumPoint has added an In-App Market capability to the Cirrus Pilot Log Book app. This feature was not available from Google Play® when Cirrus was initially released and therefore the purchase of a separate app (CirrusKey) was required to unlock all of Cirrus's Extended Features. Since the release of Cirrus 3.0+, Extended Features can now be purchased directly from inside the Cirrus app and therefore the CirrusKey app is no longer required and is being retired.

The Google® Play Market handles all of CircumPoint's ecommerce functions including the maintaining of software licensing. Google® does not allow the transfer of licenses from one facility to the other and also does not allow the selling of a license for free. Therefore, to address this and to encourage Legacy License Users (users who have previoulsy purchased the CirrusKey app) to upgrade to the new licensing scheme, an incentive deal is offered.

First, upgrading is completely optional. All of the Extended Features which were avialable on Cirrus 2.0+ apps will still be available to the Legacy License Users on 3.0+ apps. The CirrusKey app is no longer available on Google Play® but it will continue to validate your Legacy License. If you wish to use Cirrus on a new device you will have to contact CircumPoint directly to get the CirrusKey apk file. Please include your Order number from your original purchase confirmation email.

Please Note: Google Play® does not provide CircumPoint with your personal information but only Order numbers.

Upgrading, for the nominal fee of $1.00 US does have many benefits. The Upgraded Legacy License User will have access to all of Cirrus's new Extended Features such as the PDF Log Book, Programmable Pilot Currency Monitor and Wireless Bluetooth Log Data Transfer. Also, the Upgraded Legacy License User will be able to compile all log records dated before May 15, 2014 into the new PDF format for free and then get an additional bonus of 5 free pdf log sheets, a $5.00 US value. This allows the upgraded user to try the new PDF Log Book risk free.

Special Note: Only Legacy License Users and Upgraded Legacy License Users have access to the HTML Log Book output function, as this function has been eliminated for other users with the introduction of the more advanced PDF Log Book output.

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