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Featuring Cirrus Pilot Log Book for the Android operating system.

Full featured electronic log book for the modern private or professional pilot.

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User Benefits Include:

• Advanced User Interface

   – Central navigation: quick access to all program functions.
   – Tabbed flight record edit screen: simplifies record creation.
   – Auto-completion: significantly reduces the number of key strokes required to construct Flight Records. Information on auto-completion.
   – Smart Record Creation: automatically calculates many fields simplifying record construction.  Information on Smart Record Creation.

• Accuracy

   – Validation: Flight Records checked when saved. Information on Flight Record Validation.
   – Smart Record Creation: Simplified and automated flight record creation increases record accuracy. Information on Smart Record Creation.

• Crew Pictures

   – Integrated Crew Picture Capture and Display: Enhances your flight records. Information on crew pictures.

• Advanced Information Display

   – Flight Record List: Screen displays a list of flight records which can be filtered.
   – Flight Record Review: Review individual Flight Records.
   – Time Summary: Tabbed summary breakdown of your time.
   – Previous Time: Enter previous time to keep track of your total time.

• Free

   – Cirrus Pilot Log Book is a free app.

   – Download Cirrus from the Android Market.

Available Extended Features

Unlock even more potential with Cirrus's Extended features that give you greater control over your data and Log Book. Many of these features operate in a demo mode so that you can view there function prior to making your purchase decision.Information on Local Pricing. If you have previously purchased the CirrusKey app to unlock Cirrus's Extended Features, please see Legacy Upgrade Information.

• Log Data Backup and Restore

Cirrus has the most comprehensive suite of data backup functions of any e-Log which secures your log data from loss and allows transfer to new devices including:
   – Automatic Cloud backup and restore using Google's® Android Backup Service.
   – Automatic Local backup and restore to device Memory.
   – Wireless Bluetooth app data transfer from one device to another.

• PDF Log Book

CircumPoint is proud to offer the ability to compile your Log Records into a single PDF file, which is considered the gold standard in document formats. PDF files are platform independent and insure high quality and standardized print output.
   – Choose from single page landscape and 2 page portrait templates.
   – The compiled pdf file has a title page and index page with active links to all the individual log sheets and is collated for front to back printing.
   – Customize your log by selecting from many optional inputs.

• Programmable Pilot Currency Monitor

Monitor and track your important currency events.
   – Select from 17 separate unique events to track.
   – Program the number of events to watch over a recurring period. For example the number of required take-offs and landings in a set period of time.
   – Currency review shows a snapshot of all your programmed events.

• Electronic Flight Record Import

   – Import Flight Records from other programs: Cirrus's Comma-Separated-Value (CSV) advanced import wizard can import records of many different formats. Information on Import Wizard.

• Unlimited Crew Pictures

   – Extend your crew picture record.

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