Privacy Policy

CircumPoint Software Ltd. takes your privacy seriously.

Software offered by CircumPoint is hosted on Google Play®  and uses their secure e-commerce platform for all transactions. You can view Google's®  privacy policy here.

Information that Google® shares with CircumPoint is only that which is required to complete and secure electronic transactions and CircumPoint does not share or transfer any of this information to third parties.  Some of CircumPoint's applications communicate with Google servers to confirm licensing compliance and the information exchanged is encrypted and only used to confirm the software's license validity.

CircumPoint may gather information directly from users on a strictly voluntary submission basis and this information will only be used to improve applications and user experience.

The CircumPoint web site uses java-script only to provide visual content. The CircumPoint site does not use cookies but content providers such as YouTube may set cookies due to the content that is linked to from this site.

Last update: March 9, 2022